Cherry Hill Films


VENDORS the web series starring Kristin Broadwell, Katia Gomez and Pam Tierney won a prestigious Award of Recognition from the IndieFest Film Awards.

VENDORS joins the ranks of other IndieFest winners of this award such as Liam Neeson, Katie Homes, George Clooney and Susan Sarandon.



‚ÄčCherry Hill Films was founded by Katia Gomez in 2008.  The Company had its beginnings as The Friendly Learning Theatre Company providing educational dramatizations and hands-on storytelling programs for children in the South Florida area.  

Over the years the company has evolved into a film and media production business dedicated to the art of telling multicultural stories that tug at your heart.

In 2013, Cherry Hill Films produced and released its first short film entitled Guatemalan Blend.  

The Company has ventured into the co-development of other projects over the last few years:


the co-development of MARIPOSAS the feature film screenplay,


the co-production of the webseries VENDORS,

the production of a collaborative Chicago based short film youth mentorship project entitled UNHEARD,   

the co-development of a documentary short film about motherhood, currently in post,

the development of a hispanic political drama series show with the  pilot screenplay and a full season treatment currently being pitched and in competititons,


the co-development of a criminal drama short film set in the heart of Los Angeles and currently in pre-production.